How we survived potty training

This last week was a pivotal stage accomplished for my son Levi and I. It’s a funny and different type of story that I normally share but I wanted to express it for mother’s simply because it’s a big step and can be quite the process if you’re not “lucky”. POTTY TRAINING. It has been almost everything I hadn’t anticipated lol. I always heard about the part where “my kid is potty trained”! And not so much about what it took to get there, just more so that it happened, that for some, their children learned so quickly!

Just a … D R E A M …

I remember like it was yesterday, walking through the Target toddler potty training aisle. At the time, my son was totally into Elmo and of course there was one Elmo potty left, with sound effects, a flush and everything; plus it was on sale! Like how could I not buy it? I brought it home wondering if I was more excited than my son was because all I could hear was my mom’s voice “your brother went pee in the potty one time and he never wanted to wear or use a diaper again”! Sounds dreamy, right moms? Well it didn’t take long for me to realize that in my reality, that WAS just a dream lol.

O U R   T R U T H

I have these memories of being upset that I had to continue purchasing diapers because I was stuck on Levi being potty trained “soon”. Like, it would bother me to the core when I had to buy another new pack of diapers. What a brat I was! Sounds so funny now but at the time it was not funny. I was living in la-la land that my boy was suddenly ONLY going to want to potty in the “big boy” toilet. I tried treats, stickers, you name it; I tried it. And to my surprise, that wasn’t our truth.

For weeks seeming like months I needed to pack extra diapers, undies, and shorts in the case that my son would have an accident during childcare. After a little while Levi was totally comfortable peeing in the toilet but not so much with anything more. Sad story, but it got to the point where I received a text requesting I leave work to come pick him up from day care because he was crying so bad from holding his poop and being constipated. Sweet boy, I was so devastated. I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong because I was under the impression that he was in the appropriate age group for potty training.


It wasn’t until the moment that my boyfriends mother advised me that it wasn’t necessarily his age, but more evident that our story was going to be about patience and taking it day-by-day. From then on my heart was filled with so much grace because this entire time I thought that I was doing something wrong. I felt guilty for not spending enough time with him before and after work to help him or maybe I was putting too much pressure on him when he wasn’t ready. Over time I realized that neither of those perceptions were true because for the first time I chose to embrace this journey as it was. The pressure was off and the patience was on.

15 Steps Back but 100 forward…

Packing additional clothes became a habit instead of a daily critique or burden. This stage lasted a few good weeks until my childcare provider, and I remember it like it was yesterday, told me that she no longer was putting Levi in a diaper during nap time. I almost couldn’t believe because at home I’d forget & put on diapers during nap time while he was home with me on the weekends haha. Before we knew it, he needed less diapers less and less during naps. I bought Levi’s first step stool and toddler potty cover. Before I knew it, he was coming to me saying he wanted to poo in the potty. Per his request, I would sit in the restroom with him for fifteen minutes while he talked my ear off until he was ready. (lol mom’s know). Slowly but surely he was taking ownership in this new venture, and I enjoyed each milestone as they came. As step stones became surpassed, I was excited for him! I felt like we took 15 steps back so that we could enjoy taking 100 forward.


Just three nights ago I was laying in bed with my boy and we fell asleep watching one of his movies for the 400th time and throughout the night it didn’t cross my mind to put his overnight pull-ups on. The next morning as I went upon my everyday ritual of waking Levi up, I pulled up his blankey’s and my sweet boy had zero accidents. THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE NIGHT! Since then, we’ve used our one last diaper and haven’t needed one since. It’s bittersweet really. As a mother, I wouldn’t think that I would miss changing a little human baby diaper, but I do. Because to me, he’s still my baby.

Repeat Please …

Throughout this experience I’ve encountered frustration turned into mercy and just pure love and appreciation for the process. I honestly wish I could do it again with him haha. Our story may not have been one that I anticipated but it was more and then some that I couldn’t be more appreciative of. As silly as I may sound because it’s “just potty training”, it is NOT “just” potty training haha. I love my son and however long it may have taken him will never ever change that for me. And any mom who is going through this similar time, you should know that you’re most likely not doing anything wrong. If anything, you’re probably doing everything right. Just enjoy the process with them. Your children will let you know when they are ready for the next big step. [:

– From one momma to another

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