How to be a mom, friend, and good steward without feeling overwhelmed

Hi there, it’s me again! Sorry it’s been a few weeks since you’ve last heard from me but life is happening and I’m sure you can relate. I’ve had a lot going on, my son, Levi, started preschool, he turned 3 years old and we took him to Disneyland for the first time! YAY! I’ve been working toward a promotion at work, I took on meal prep, Halloween snuck around the corner, & I’ve been growing in faith; all the while being a present friend, mother, and full-time employee. Let me tell you what, that’s all a lot of work! LOL, being able to sit in peace with my own thoughts is a rare and sacred occasion. So, here I am, all yours and ready to speak.

Not now, but soon

This week especially has been one for serving and equally testing to my patience because if it were up to me, I would always write if I could! But that’s unrealistic for now and something usually makes way into my time and priorities. So blogging typically comes last on my list of things to-do even though writing my thoughts is one thing I’m most passionate for. And that’s kind of what I’m here to talk about; stewardship. Serving is not always joyful or easy. Can you concur? Sometimes, it kind of sucks. I could cry some days because I want to fulfill my plan, in my timing; so it becomes overwhelming and seems unfair when my way is put on pause. But I always find my way back to this center of “my life isn’t solely about me right now,” and am reminded of who needs me. I take a deep breathe and am consumed with assurance that all needs will be gratified, for everyone including myself. Even if the “myself” part means not now, but soon.

The concrete  Monday – Friday  

Being an adult & mom is not the Hallmark channel or in our day-to-day movies. It’s usually:

  • Rushing out the door in the mornings to be at work on time
  • Being PRESENT at work to maintain my job and provide income for my family
  • Picking up my son from school so that we can go home to make, eat, and clean up dinner
  • Remembering to shower & brush our teeth lol
  • Reading 5,000 books to my son and praying before bedtime
  • Following with meal prepping so I’m not only eating Twix for lunch
  • Look at the clock, it’s 10:30PM, sleep, wake-up, “4 more days till the weekend!”

It doesn’t seem like much when I writing it down, but it’s a great deal in motion. I used to get extremely upset because I felt inflated from putting things off that were important to me but didn’t take precedence. Lingering thoughts of “Why can’t I do what makes me happy…What I know I have a burning desire to do?”  Until I found that happiness can reside in me no matter what season I’m in, even during not my not-so-favorite responsibilities. And most times, these experiences are days for our character to grow. I needed to take on a new perspective of serving those around me and being okay with being last every once in a while. The irony is that when my service results in the joy of others, I more so feel like I’ve placed 1st than 3rd.

I challenge you

There’s nights where I literally pull out my laptop and journal, I guess to just wish that I could write. But the timing is wrong in enough ways that I just can’t, and I have to be patient until I can find time to be effective. It’s easy to become discouraged when we have a dream placed on our heart but have other hills to climb prior to achieving our goal. In the meantime, I challenge you to ask God how he feels about your work. Ask Him for His will to shine through. I guarantee you’ll be invited with love, appreciation for the good you’ve accomplished thus far, and the greater good that is yet to come.

Photo Credit: Shelly Fingerlin

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