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I don’t even know where to begin, lol! If you follow my social media pages, then you probably noticed some of the more than magical sceneries I experienced. The only landmark name that I remember is Crater Lake and my oh my, was it GORGEOUS! I mean, my goodness, the whole place was absolutely lit up with beauty.

The second we drove into a local neighborhood there were deer’s, just hanging out, eating their lunch on someone’s front yard plants. Nothing compared to Southern California (haha). I was enamored by all of the colors and water; rivers, lakes, & waterfalls galore! My Aquarius horoscope was right in its home.


I haven’t travelled much in a while. It used to be something I was familiar with but that came to a halt in high school; so it’s been a while that I’ve ventured out of CA, LET ALONE on a plane! Talk about adrenaline rush! I don’t remember being that scared to be on a plane when I was younger.

Things just change when you have kids & expose yourself to the media but man I read the “emergency kit how-to” guide like it was the palm of my hand. You know, in the event of worst-case scenario we landed somewhere in the middle of the ocean or into a mountain; such as the diagram provided. Praise God that on each side of me sat two really sweet girls who I enjoyed conversing with the whole plane ride there. We landed sooner than expected and I was about to step foot onto a mesmerizing tranquility.

I cried too, and then cried some more

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a mother to an amazing blessing of a son, Levi. I was so nervous to leave him home for a few days. To be honest, if it wasn’t for my younger sister purposefully booking her flight on a date we didn’t originally agree on, in faith that I would book mine, I don’t know if we would have even gone by now.

I was afraid because I didn’t want to leave my son. Not because I was concerned if he’d be taken care of but simply that he’s my baby and I do everything with him; he’s my mini best friend. You know what I’m talking about mom’s? It’s hard leaving our kids behind even if it means giving ourselves a little freedom. We joke about it but at the end of the day we really just want to take care of & snuggle our little offsprings lol.

Gosh, the first night I was gone I called my little guy and he cried almost the second he heard my voice, so what did I do? I cried too, and then cried some more to my sisters not having much more to say other than “Having kids is crazy because you just love them so much.” (I can’t be the only mom who’s experienced this) Thankfully as the night went on, the guilt decreased, and after being assured everything was going to be okay, I was able to breathe again and become present.

our coffee date before my trip

Memories: they last an irreplaceable lifetime

Most haven’t heard this fun story about my family but my whole life I always wanted an older sister. My dad always told us that we might have one but the ONLY information we had was her legal first name, so I think I held onto hope that one day we would know her.

Well, about 6 years ago my father received a phone call a day or so before Christmas from my oldest sister’s birth mom saying, “Your daughter is looking for you.” WHAT!?!

I remember the day like it was yesterday because my youngest sister and I frantically found her on Facebook, scrolled through her photos and without question knew she was ours. Everything about her had qualities that the other 4 of us shared. With a racing heart I messaged her sharing who my father was and that if it was hers too, she now had 4 new siblings! E X C I T I N G! There’s so much in between the last 6 years that I would love to share one day but in short, my sisters and I have been quite the pack. We’re practically inseparable setting aside the distance between us.

Any who, my oldest sister lives in OR so that’s why the 3 of us decided to gather up there. It was the first opportunity we made to embrace quality time together. So many tears, like SO many. But alongside was lots of healing, love, Oreo cookies, late nights, & laughter. I wouldn’t exchange the time we spent for anything because we were able to be sisters. We shopped, styled each other’s make-up, and borrowed one another’s clothing.

If there’s one thing I must say: nothing beats your family. If you still have them, hold them tight and spend the only $50 you have to go see them. Call them and tell them you’re sorry for the last argument you had and/or let them know just how much they mean to your heart.

Time goes on – but the memories, they last an irreplaceable lifetime.

I hope you enjoyed these photos from my trip as much as I enjoy sharing them! I highly recommend visiting Oregon if you’re searching for an affordable and scenic vacation for yourself and/or family. It’s beautiful and relaxing, oh and the coffee shops are A D O R A B L E! They’re just these little drive thru’s and just so cute!

Disclaimer:Dutch Bros. photos were not photographed by me

P.s I wasn’t as scared flying home on the plane, probably because while I was out of my comfort zone I found a new space for peace and clarified purpose. PLUS, I was overwhelmingly excited to come home to this sweet baby boy!





  1. Love love love you! And this ♥️ I don’t think we ever talked about how you came to meet your older sister. I’m glad you guys got to have a little bonding weekend!

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