How to lose weight and increase energy by meal prepping on the 30-day Arbonne cleanse

This was a journey that I was both nervous about and excited for. I was nervous to invest money into it, and worried that I was not going to follow through. I also feared the “after-factor”; the daunting question that ran through my mind “What will happen after the 30-days is up?” Was I going to continue implementing what I had earned, or throw it all away? But I decided to push through that negativity and do it anyway, because… well, that’s what I do. After purchasing my 30-Days To Healthy guide, the nail-biting feeling began to subside as I realized new life was on it’s way. I journaled for a couple of days prior, and looking back, I chuckle because my food log became healthier as Day 1 approached. The excitement was real, and my experience was fun, so I would recommend this to anyone, and following are the reasons why


I figured I might as well start with the most obvious factor. I actually learned a lot about food; shocking, I know. But I learned about healthy carbs and good fats; things that I never really dove into before. I found out that I love sweet potatoes, and can get through a whole jar of almond butter each week, because it is SO good. Who knew?! I also became astuteto the importance of proportioning my meals – which is very critical. And believe it or not, one of my biggest fears going in, was the fear of missing out. Oh, the irony. I was afraid of all the chips that I wouldn’t eat, or the candy that tempts me as it sits so patiently in my office every day, and all the Mother’s Day treats that landed on Day 6 from my start-date. But what I found was that even though I was “missing out” on those sweet and savory goodies, I was diving into new depths of my mind and body. Interestingly enough, I discovered great strength and courage to resist daily temptations. Unfortunately, temptations come in all forms; and in my case, it was food. The first week I started my whole foods journey, my colleague at work brought in banana Laffy Taffy, and, before you judge; I LOVE banana Laffy Taffy! It was my favorite candy growing up. With that said, I think there is a special lesson here – and that is, any time we set our mind to do good, there is always going to be a form of temptation that creeps in to remind us of our weaknesses. The doubts start running through our mind: “What if I can’t do this?” or “It’s a lot of money to spend, I could use it on other things” or “Is butter a carb?” I am kidding on that last one, but if ya know then ya know. But I do have to admit, it was hard on the nights while I made my son white cheddar mac ’n cheese (I usually take 1-12 bites), and it was hard not eating the candy in the candy jar, and at first, it was hard to skip the chip aisle at the grocery store. I want to emphasize that it was hard; because it was, but my vision was bigger. My health was important, my body was important, and my investment was important.


Wow! This is one of my favorite take aways. Our bodies need proper nutrients, period. End of story. Okay, I will expand a little more. One of my favorite supplements was the pre and probiotic powder I poured into a glass of water each morning. It didn’t taste fabulous, kind of like dry cardboard cereal (to make it sound really appealing) but oh my gosh! The benefits! Gut health is a core essential to daily living. It makes you feel good, and I don’t mean that it gives you a high; but I do like to think of it as putting premium gas in my car after an empty tank. It fueled my body each morning, preparing it to absorb each carb, protein, good fat, and fiber in the most efficient way possible. I feel silly stating the obvious, but we can’t function optimally if we are treating our body as a garbage disposal. If anything, I encourage you to educate yourself on what a “well-balanced meal” entails, and, Girlfriend, add seasoning! Sea salt and pepper give proteins and veggies life; therefore, you CAN make a delicious AND nutrient-rich entree all-in-one! 


YAY! This is the part that I think most of you are wondering about. I experienced quite a few changes that I will briefly explain later, but I want to focus on my physique and skin (mainly facial). I have been exercising for quite some time, and aside from thinking rice pilaf was a “healthier” choice, I wasn’t seeing the results I was working-out for. Looking back, it makes sense because I shifted my eating habits while on the 30-days to healthy – whole and clean foods with no dairy, wheat, sugar or soy additives. I noticed an appearance of muscle growth for the first time in a LONG time! And I always knew that I had muscle tone underneath. Not that I was ever overweight, but all the sugar, dairy especially, and bad carbs was hiding it with an uncomfortable bloat; so without that, I was finally seeing my hard work paying-off. Furthermore (since you’re probably wondering), I did lose 4 lbs. BUT weight loss was never my intention – it was simply a result of making healthier choices. However, my girlfriend lost up to 17 lbs., so it absolutely is a great plan for those whose primary goal IS to lose weight. You can cater the program to fit your needs, and I can teach you how to do so.

Secondly, the clearing effect this change in diet had on my face was AMAZING! The amount of white heads I had on my nose and chin prior to beginning this plan were ridiculous! I tried charcoal face masks, amongst a few others, none of which made the difference that I desired. HOWEVER, within 3 weeks of clean eating and supplementing, I noticed a significant improvement. It’s funny, because every morning now, I wake up and touch my face before I wash it, simply because I am impressed with its cleanliness, and still in shock that this program actually worked. And let’s face it (pun intended) white heads are not fun! Call me the “Queen of Cliche”, but our bodies truly need our help, and I am a firm believer that a large percentage of being overweight, having break-outs, and dryness of the skin comes from a lack of nutrition, exercise, and vitamins. Therefore, we should be acutely aware of what our body is telling us, so that we can supply its demand.

Additional Personal Benefits:

  • Decreased Menstrual Cycle and Symptoms
  • Clarity of Mind
  • Very little to no bloating
  • Significant acne decrease on my shoulders, arms, and upper back


Woooah Nelly! Let me explain. A few years ago I was having really weird stomach issues. And by weird, I mean abnormal because it was a sharp pain that would last for seconds to hours at a time, and the level of intensity would vary. It wasn’t until a friend suggested that my dairy intake could be causing it, that I knew I needed to make a change. I was in denial at first, because I hated the idea that one of my favorite foods (CHEESE) was the cause of my pain. But sure enough, it was guilty as charged. Over time I slowly started to incorporate dairy products back into my diet, but now, instead of sharp stomach pains, it leaves me with bloating, migraines, and nausea; usually all at the same time. It is quite miserable. Thankfully, the 30-days to healthy requires the removal of all things dairy, so from a selfish standpoint, I was bummed, but I think my insides were doing cartwheels of excitement. On day 11 of 30 is when I had my biggest feeling of regret: “WHY DIDN’T I START THIS SOONER?” The answer is simple, because dairy, wheat, and sugar is “magically delicious”. Especially when I am thoroughly enjoying a moment with creamy nacho cheese dip, because it’s easy to indulge in my temporary pleasure even knowing the dread to come within hours. But now, because it has been removed from my diet, it is easier for me to “say no to drugs”, I mean, dairy. Or at the very least, have some dang self-control. Furthermore, I am happy with my results so I really DO NOT want to go back to eating my beloved cheese, since I know what my prior indulgences made me feel and look like.

I hope you get the gist! I have nothing but positive things to say about Arbonne’s 30-days to Healthy; and I don’t have anything but encouragement to provide you if you’re deciding to make healthier choices for yourself. Remember though, enjoy the process and try not to be too hard on yourself as you get started, because it is a significant adjustment at first. Additionally, if you find a program like Arbonne’s that works for you, then “YOU GO, GLEN COCO”! You deserve to be healthy and you deserve to be happy, so I have faith that you’ll find something allowing you to pursue both. If you are interested to know more about the program I used, then PLEASE leave a comment or send me an email with any questions, because I will be happy to answer with zero obligations! 

I wish you the best of health and an extremely radiant glow!



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