My Story

When I began to blog in 2016, it was simply to start somewhere in my writing journey; in hopes that new mom’s would relate with my story (or learn from my past mistakes).

I always knew that I was a writer. Ever since I began 20 journals ago when writing in my furry, blue, locket journal. It was in a moment that I was in my bedroom and upset for God Only Knows What, and I thought, “One day your story will be told to many people”.

And just like that, I held onto my promise.

In publishing my writing (nervous as all heck) I was surprised by the amount of collaboration and support that I received. It felt like I was doing something that mattered around the world; but also hit home to me because I was on track to achieve my destiny. 

In reflection over the last 3 years, it’s been apparent that I fully subscribe to the self-care niche. It is also very obvious that I am a mother, and, therefore, naturally connect with other mama’s.

Unfortunately, mom’s tend to forget and/or neglect themselves – especially in early stages of motherhood, just as I had experienced. And truth be told, it’s hard not to when you have an adorable baby that needs your attention every-minute, while trying to balance all other household responsibilities.

Some women go through postpartum depression, while others find themselves with low self-esteem, confusion, a tendency to compare themselves to other mom’s, or similar negative feelings that consume their mind. And then what? I’ll tell you what I did; I argued. I became angry, envious, exhausted, and eventually I cracked.

“Say ‘Crack’ again”.

Something within said “Stephanie, you can’t keep living like this”. I needed to intentionally pursue my hearts desires. At one point I even brainstormed on paper: “What does Stephanie love?” Because it was THAT important to me. My self-care was important to me.

Truthfully, life brings unexpected twists and turns when you have children, but it is our responsibility to find that healthy balance between motherhood and self-care.

It is also our reward to say “my kids matter, but so do I“. I am 5 years into this motherhood gig and I love just about every moment of it. My son and I have a great relationship (not perfect) but I wouldn’t think of it as anything less than a blessing. However, I wouldn’t have this if I thought I didn’t deserve to love myself and moped-around in ‘mom guilt’ whenever I wanted to do something enjoyable.

Furthermore, I can assure you that once we live out our healthy balance, our children will appreciate us for it in long run.

So here I am today, passionately challenging myself to help new mom’s find their perfect balance between motherhood and self-care; with confidence, and have fun along the way!